Player of the Year Winners

2023-24 Player of the Year
Conner Smith
Tournaments Played: 36
Tournaments Won: 13
Match Record:
2022-23 Player of the Year
Erick Flores
Tournaments Played: 24
Tournaments Won: 3
Match Record: 34-19
Playing in a then-record 24 tournaments and winning 3, YourFace was the ultimate grinder this season. He was also completely clutch, needing to win the final tournament of the season to thwart Freean’s 3-peat attempt and take home the trophy, and did so in a classic.
2019-20 Player of the Year
Ian Sanford
TGZ Freean
Tournaments Won: 2
Match Record: 14-1
TGZ Freean repeated as our Player of the Year, dominating both Super Smash Bros. tournaments in Phoenix and Las Vegas, as well as a close runner-up finish in our Halo: Combat Evolved tournament in Vegas.
2018-19 Player of the Year
Ian Sanford
TGZ Freean
Tournaments Won: 1
Match Record: 6-0
Losing only a single set in 34-man bracket, TGZ Freean dominated the Super Smash Bros. tournament at Game On Expo in Phoenix, AZ.
2017-18 Player of the Year
Erick Salas
Tournaments Won: 2
Match Record: 14-2
Chino arrived for the first time with a bang at the 2018 LVL Up Expo for our Main Event, winning the Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. tournaments. He also went 2-2 in the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament, tying for 13th.
2016 Player of the Year
Joe Jackmovich
Tournaments Won: 5
SSDNinja is a gaming machine, dominating our speedrun and high score tournaments, winning Super Mario Land, Centipede, Fantasy Zone II, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He also won the Balloon Fight tournament at Retropalooza Houston, defeating Pat the NES Punk afterwards in an exhibition.