Online League

League Overview

The Retro World Series provides flexible retro gaming leagues. Here is a quick overview of the leagues.

  • Players register for upcoming game leagues based on their skill level.
  • For each game’s league, players will be assigned to groups based on skill level (some leagues may start out with only one group).
  • Groups will have no less than 5 players and no more than 8 players.
  • Players within each group will play 3 matches against each player.
  • There will be 1-2 matches per week for each player over a period of an 11-week season depending on group size (between 9 and 21 total matches per player).
  • Schedules will be posted the 48 hours before the first day of the regular season.
  • Players contact opponents throughout the season and schedule each match by its deadline.
  • Players will record matches and send recordings and report scores to the League Organizer to track their standings.
  • The top 2 players in each group will play each other for the division championship.
  • In the inaugural season for each league, the top 50% of players will be promoted to a higher tier group in the next season. The bottom 50% will be relegated to a lower tier group.
  • For season after the inaugural one, the top 2 players in each group will be promoted to the succeeding tier group (except the top tier) and the bottom 2 players will be relegated to the preceding tier group (except the bottom tier) for the following season.
  • Division winners and runners-up will receive cash payouts (60/40 split) and medals.