Classic Tetris World Championship Regional Qualifier Rules

Classic Tetris World Championship


Initial Round

Players get ONE attempt at a time and then must go to the back of the line if they wish to make another attempt. There is no limit to the number of attempts a player can make.

This is a high score competition. Players with the highest scores advance to the next round.

Elimination Bracket

The top 8 (or top 12 if turnout is high enough) will advance to a single elimination bracket.

Players will be seeded based on their highest score in the Initial Round.

Matches are best 2 out of 3 and then 3 out of 5 for the final match

Gameplay Rules

A designated group of NES machines will be used for the Qualifying Round. Players should line up, wait until they reach the front of the line, then take their place at one of the available NES consoles and start their game.

Each player is allowed to play a single game, starting on level 9 or higher. There is no “warm up” time allowed on the machines provided for the Qualifying Round. If a player starts on a level below 9, they will have one opportunity to reset the game and start on level 9 or higher.

When the player’s game is over, they can choose to submit their score to a tournament official or leave the score unrecorded. If they wish to submit their score, they should raise their hand to get the attention of a tournament official. The tournament official will then record their name and score. If the player wants to play another game, they must return to the back of the line.

At the end of the qualifying round, players with the top 8 (or top 12) scores will advance to the single elimination round.


The Retro World Series does provide original NES-004 controllers for players to use; however, you are allowed to bring and use your own controller, such as the NES-004 controller, NES-039 Dogbone Controller, the Goofy Foot controller, NES-027 Max Turbo Controller, and NES-026 Advantage Joystick. Any other types of controllers not mentioned may be used, but must first be approved by TO’s.