Player of the Year

 2016 Retro World Series Player of the Year Who will take home the prize? Learn More
Retro World Series players can earn points in each tournament they play, including satellite tournaments. The player with the most points after all tournaments will be the Player of the Year of the Retro World Series. The Player of the Year will be awarded a trophy and a cash prize. One dollar from every entry fee in the Retro World Series main event goes into the Player of the Year prize pool. For example, if 128 players enter each of the 19 tournaments at the 2016 Retro World Series main event, the prize pool would be $2,432 ($1 x 19 events x 128 entrants each = $2,432). The following table lists the point distribution for each tournament in the Retro World Series.

Main Event   Satellite Events
VS. Tournaments   VS. Tournaments   High Score & Speedrun Tournaments
Position Points   Position Points   Position Points
Winner 300   Winner 80   Winner 80
Runner-Up 165   Runner-Up 44   Runner-Up 44
Semifinalist 105   Semifinalist 28   3rd Place 28
Quarterfinalist 80   Quarterfinalist 21   4th Place 21
Round of 16 65   Round of 16 17   5th Place 17
Round of 32 35         6th Place 9
Round of 64 20         7th Place 5
          8th Place 3
* Based on 128 player entries into each main event tournament   * Based on 32 player entries into each satellite tournament